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Old car in Cuba
Broadway at night, Nashville, Tennessee


Horseback riding Cuba

Working as a summer camp counsellor means you're a participant in the J1 Cultural Exchange Program. As part of the program you can expect to work, play and travel the USA. With up to 60 days travel time you will have ample opportunity to explore loads of the sights and sounds that the US has to offer. So get your US bucket list ready, because you're going to tick off a lot! 


The first thing that should be on your list is to make friends. It's inevitable, so get have it top of the list ready to tick off. Remember, you're going to be living and working with like-minded individuals from all over the world. We typically advise you wait until you meet them before making an concrete plans so you can compare lists and figure out who you decide to travel with.


Travel buddy/new life long friend is checked off the list, next we'll go over the basics of your travel opportunities. Get ready to feed your wanderlust and get your imagination started but feel free to speak to us directly for more specific advice on where and when to travel.

The 60 days travel allowance is broken up in two 30 days periods. You will be allowed to enter (but not work) 30 days before you camp contract starts and you can remain in the US (but not work) for 30 days after your contract ends.

So climb The Empire State building, ride a bike across The Golden Gate Bridge or listen to live country music in a Honkey Tonk bar in Nashville, the list is endless. 

For some, simply travelling around the US is not enough and you may wish to visit their neighbours. Some people want to drive a vintage car around the streets of Old Havana in Cuba, others want see Chicen Itza in Mexico first hand while others want to whale watch off the coast of Canada. The possibilities are endless, unfortunately your visa isn't. Just remember, if you exit the US then your visa is terminated so if you intend on returning to the US before heading home please check out entry requirements before doing so. Some nations are subject to the Visa Waver Program for example. 

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