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Where Could Your Hobbies Take you?

horses trail riding at summer camp

There are a huge variety of roles and responsibilities as a camp counsellor - there is something for everyone!


The good news is you don't need to be an Olympic athlete or the next Picasso to pass your passion onto kids. Babysitting the neighbour's kids, a childhood hobby, a high school sports career or taking a weekend arts class is great experience and exactly what we look for. Of course, if you are an Olympic athlete please feel free to apply too.  


To make it simple we categorise the different roles as either as a Specialist Counsellor or a General Counsellor.


As a Specialist your day to day role at camp will be to teach/lead/oversee an activity or area, for example, a pool lifeguard, a fine arts (drawing/painting) specialist or a climbing instructor to name a select few.


As a General Counsellor your day to day role at camp is to assist in the different activities or areas, maybe lead in other areas and encourage the kids to engage in activities when their motivation is lacking.

We will be the first to tell this is overview is brief. We work with over 300 summer camps and each one of them will do things a little differently. Some camps will expect their staff to balance being a specialist and general counsellor, others don't have general counsellors while others don't have specialists! Visit our dedicated pages for specifics and make sure to ask about the different roles in your interview. 

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