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Where Could Your Hobbies Take you?

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We're not exaggerating when we say if you have a hobby, interest or previous experience then there is a camp somewhere that would hire you to teach it to kids. So trying to break down every specialist role in a few words is impossible. However, we will do our best to give you an overview, and you can always ask our highly experienced team if you have a specific question. Specialists can be classified in several categories:


Land based

Water based

Arts & Crafts

Performing Arts



Other (E.g. Board Games)

Your role as a specialist will be to either teach your passion and/or oversee your activity area with everyone's safety being at the centre of everything you do. A massive perk of being a Specialist is that you will see/hangout/interact with everyone as they come to visit your area. There is also nothing better than being part of a child's first experience of something. It could be swimming without a life vest, shooting a bullseye in archery or making their first friend, the rewards are endless.

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