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People - Travel - Career - Financial

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There are a hundred reasons why you should do camp. Maybe you need to justify it to your parents or university, maybe you need to justify it to your bank account or maybe you're just looking for that one single excuse to go. Below will be just the reason you're looking for:

The People

You're going to spend 8-10 weeks living and working with like minded individuals from all over the world. You will make life-long friends, you will forever have a place to stay in other countries and who knows, maybe even romance might be on the cards.


Travel Opportunities

The J1 visa allows for up to 60 days travel time before/after you work at camp. You can use that time to explore the US or in some cases, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and beyond. You can get more travel info here.


Career Opportunities

Boost your C.V. with new skills such as interpersonal and management skills. Stand out from the crowd: employers will be impressed you’ve taken positive steps to develop yourself and perhaps move outside your comfort zone. Improve your communication and teaching skills as you pass on your own knowledge by teaching kids.



The camps we work with pay some of the highest salaries in camping. You will earn a salary of at least $2000 USD. So unless you're planning on flying first class to America you will be earning more than what you have invested in getting to camp. You should earn enough to go travelling after camp or to take some money home with you.

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