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Meet The Team
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Summer Camps Jobs America is staffed by an enthusiastic group of amazing people. Our team is made up of summer camp professionals  with a strong passion for supporting the next generation of camp counsellors. SCJA shares it's amazing team with Wild Packs Summer Camps (our parent company) so even though you will speak with Ben during most of your journey to camp you will also speak with the WPs recruitment and visa teams. You can check out their amazing staff here. 

Summer Camp Jobs America team member

Ben "Phippsy" Phipps

SCJA Manager

Phippsy found his summer home in New York in 2012 and has returned year after year ever since. During the year he runs SCJA and is the Placement Director for Wild Packs Summer Camps. His passion is all things camp and helping people find their summer home. These days Phippsy oversees the oldest group of kids at his camp but has held different roles including lifeguarding, climbing and general counsellor positions.

Emma Matthews

Recruitment Manager

Emma (red t-shirt) has been heading out to camp since 2014! She works at a Co-Ed sleep away camp in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Emma has held 4 different positions at camp. She started at camp as the Clothing Deco specialist, teaching kids how to sew and design clothes/pillows etc. She has also held general cabin staff roles and is currently on the leadership team at her camp where she looks after the 12 and 13 year old girls.

At SCJA, Emma runs the recruitment team which is the first port of call for our applicants.

Summer Camp Jobs America team member
Summer Camp Jobs America team member

Chloe "The Maehem" Hems

Recruitment Coordinator

Chloe first started her camp journey in 2017 and worked at an all girls horse riding camp in Michigan. She worked there as a riding instructor and cabin counsellor until 2021 when she decided to try a new camp adventure. Chloe now works at another all girls camp near Waterville, Maine and is part of the waterfront team and cabin counsellors and loves every second of it.

Olivia Charley

Recruitment Coordinator

Olivia started her camp journey by applying to Wild Packs in January 2022 and headed to an all-girls camp in Harrison, Maine that summer! Having had the summer of a lifetime Olivia joined the Wild Packs/SCJA office full time shortly after returning from camp. Olivia is really excited to be working at a a Co-Ed sleep away camp in Pennsylvania this summer. Olivia is one of the cabin counsellors and absolutely loves her role.

Summer Camp Jobs America team member
Summer Camp Jobs America team member

Halle Wilson

Social Media and Retention

Halle started her camp adventure in 2018 at a co-ed camp in New York and can’t imagine spending her summer any other way. She started as a general counsellor for the babies and has now progressed to a leadership role where she is the head of the 11/12 year-old girls. She joined the Wild Packs/SCJA team in 2022 and is so happy she can share her love for camp all year round.

Summer Camp Jobs America team member

Ainslie Mellon

Visa Manager

Ainslie has been working at an all-girls camp near Otis Reservoir in Massachusetts since 2017! Ainslie has had a variety of roles at camp, from lifeguard, to cabin counsellor, to programming to leadership.

At SCJA , Ainslie makes sure everyone gets their visa paperwork so that they can go to a US embassy to get their J-1 Visa. 

Jamie Raine-Fraser

SCJA Managing Director/Owner

Jamie has over 15 years experience working at summer camps in the USA and over 20 years experience within the camping industry. Jamie set up Wild Packs Summer Camps in 2008 and Summer Camp Jobs America in 2018. Along with his wife, 3 children and 2 dogs he also runs a wedding venue in the Scottish Borders called Wedderlie House.

Summer Camp Jobs America team member
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